Classic and Exotic Car Marques Available for Hire Around the World
If you are looking for a specific make or model of car, first select the Marque required from the list below.  Then you will be able to view either, All Cars of that Marque, or click on the specific model required. 


For example, if you are looking for an Aston Martin DB6, click on Aston Martin, then select DB6 and only the DB6s will be shown.

They will be listed, split by country and then in alphabetical order of Company, showing the Location of each Company. A set of traffic sign style icons will enable you to compare the features of each of the cars.


Click on the Three Bears to view the advert - Three is the Magic Number - part of a marketing campaign for MacDonalds new Chicken, Bacon and Onions (CBO) burger.

At Classic Car Hire World we often get asked to help out film and TV companies with unusual requests.  Towards the end of 2009 we were contacted by an advertising agency wanting to rent a three wheeled car for a particular advert. 


The preferred car was a Messerschmitt but the filming was for a UK advert and the only Messerschmitts for hire in our database are in Germany.  But through our extensive list of contacts we made a few other suggestions.


As of February 2010 MacDonalds are airing an advert on UK TV for their Chicken, Bacon and Onions (CBO) burger, based on the theme '3 is the magic number'.  Lo and behold the advert contains a Messerschmitt. 

Click on the 'three bears' above to view the advertisement.


So if you have an unusual request, give Classic Car Hire World a call.


Much of the information on the car companies comes from an excellent web site developed by Carlos Segura in Chicago, Illinois and is displayed with his permission. His original information comes from a variety of sources.


Other information has been added from Wikipedia and direct from various motor manufacturers.  


All logos, badges, names and trademarks belong to their original owners.  


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